Fingerprint scanner

The first look would certainly confirm that it’s really a MONSTER: monster in size, monster in performance and monster in price! I’m talking about Fingerprint scanner 8730W Mobile Workstation.

If you are using a laptop for internet browsing, email, blogging like entertainment purposes, then Fingerprint scanner 8730W Mobile Workstation is not the right purchase for you.

It’s specifically designed for business professionals and developers, which gives you freedom to work beyond the limits of your desk. In true sense it gives you the flexibility of desktop’s functions with laptop’s mobility. With a 17” big display, you would certainly feel the weight of a 3.4 Kg laptop. But the functions are so good for high-end professionals have made it a portable workstation instead of a big laptop.

Outer Body

It’s solid, shiny and silvery. The outer body of Elite book 8730W Mobile Workstation is really solid in matter and aesthetically designed by Hewlett-Packard.

The outer body is made of combined accessories made of brushed aluminum, magnesium alloy and black plastic and a bit of interesting LED colors that adds sparkle to its look.


Display is one of the prime features of HP Fingerprint scanner 8730W Mobile Workstation. The 1920×1200 LED is supported with HP’s advanced Fingerprint scanner technology. The Fingerprint scanner technology is the result of two years rigorous research of HP with DreamWorks to make some revolutionary development in computer display technology.

As a result, the Fingerprint scanner technology supports 1 billion active colors that is 64 times more than a normal LCD display. The HP Fingerprint scanner 8730W Mobile Workstation LED display too comes with configurable feature that enables users to adjust the display color to their preferred color-space requirements.