Fingerprint Scanner


fingerprint scanner

is used to match the biometrics of a person with an identification mark, their fingerprint. Fingerprints are completely unique to each individual and no two are alike. This uniqueness makes fingerprint scanning excellent for security and identification purposes.


Things You’ll Need:

* Computer

* Fingerprint scanner


Step 1

Purchase a fingerprint scanner. They are small enough today that they can be attached to a laptop computer for mobile uses if necessary. They are available in both single-finger scanners, where you can do one finger at a time, or whole-hand scanners.


Step 2

Install any necessary software to use the Fingerprint Scanner.


Step 3

Set up the location where you will use the fingerprint scanner. Depending on the application (police station, high security room in a building, children’s safety program) this can be either a fixed location or mobile.


Step 4

Place the required number of fingers onto the scanning plate. The scanner will use either light photons or an analog electrical signal to take the fingerprint “picture.” This will depend on what type of scanner you are using.


Step 5

Check that the image is clear before storing it. If it is not clear repeat the picture-taking process.


Step 6

Store the fingerprint in a secure computerized location.