Fingerprint scanner

Do you have a Fingerprint Scanner on your iPhone! Fingerprint Scanner .Fingerprint Scanner is the future of biometric fingerprint identification in your hands today.

It is specialized in the development, industrialization and implantation of security systems destined to different market segments of Fingerprint scanner, biometric system as financial institutions, industries, commerce and private projects.

Features of Fingerprint Scanner on your iPhone:

-Multi-Scan Technology
Fingerprint scanner appears under your finger touch
-Multiple Fingerprints
-Enhanced Animation and Sound Effects
-Control over Fingerprint scan result (Random, and all Approved or Declined)
-Mechanized metallic security doors
-Not approved by local, state, or federal agencies

Fingerprint scanner with precision accuracy right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you want to fool your friends and co-workers into thinking your iPhone is a sophisticated fingerprint scanner, this is the application for you. This application simulates the scanning of fingerprints, the verification of fingerprints against known good fingerprints, and granting of access to virtual resources.

Instructions of fingerprint I phone:

This Fingerprint scanner application is for entertainment purposes only and does not actually provide fingerprint scanning capability to your iPhone or iPod Touch, although only you will know.

1. Place finger on scanner glass [orange box – bottom right].
2. Hold finger in place until scanning is complete.
3. Wait for scan results.
4. Holding down the refresh button will clear the results of the last scan. The results will also auto clear in a few seconds.